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Washing solutions for vehicles of all kinds

Food and powder tankers

We are the first site in central Catalonia with a specialised food tanker washing system, for vehicles to transport both liquids and powders.

Our steam cleaning system and the subsequent drying process ensure your tanker is cleaned thoroughly. We also have official authorisation to seal and issue a cleaning certificate for the tanker.

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Our container cleaning service is specially designed for SDDR (deposit and return system) firms.

This is a service exclusively for the food industry, with all the monitoring and safety guarantees required by regulations.

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Industrial and refrigerated vehicles

Our lorry wash for industrial and refrigerated vehicles provides thorough cleaning, combining convenience and speed.

We also offer the option of disinfecting the inside of the vehicle. Moreover, we have official authorisation to seal it and issue a cleaning certificate.

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Livestock transport vehicles

We are the first public site in the province of Barcelona authorised to issue washing certificates for livestock transport vehicles.

We have two fully-equipped lorry washes which work at a pressure of 75 bar and 136 litres per minute. This makes it possible to wash away sawdust very quickly and easily.

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Bigwash – High-pressure and brush wash system for industrial vehicles.

Thanks to high-pressure water jets and a brush system, the Bigwash system allows in-depth cleaning of any vehicle, especially those whose irregular shape makes them hard to clean in a conventional lorry wash system. Also, our staff are on hand at all times in case your vehicle needs a final going-over.

The power of the system also allows high-pressure cleaning of the vehicle under chassis, to remove sand and salt encrusted on the chassis.

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