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Food and powder tankers

Food and powder tankers

We are the first site in central Catalonia with a specialised food tanker washing system, for vehicles to transport both liquids and powders.

Our steam cleaning system and the subsequent drying process ensure your tanker is cleaned thoroughly. We also have official authorisation to seal and issue a cleaning certificate for the tanker.

In order to offer maximum quality and maximum safety in cleaning certificates, Cened has decided to opt for the revolutionary Clean Secure system, which makes it possible to monitor every step in the cleaning of food tanker lorries with absolute precision. This new system allows us to record large amounts of data 100% reliably, making it possible to assure, any time, anywhere, that the cleaning process has been carried out in rigorous compliance with the necessary certificate.

Further information

Food safety

  • SGF International e.V. certificate for the fruit juice industry
  • Optimum food hygiene and safety conditions
  • Option of carrying out a range of tests and analyses: ATP, pH, conductivity, cloudiness, etc.
  • Option of disinfecting
  • Environmental tests on the lorry wash
  • Steam generation using food-safe water
  • Seal the tank and fittings
  • Visual and olfactory inspections
  • Cleaning according to the specified protocol
  • Strict cleaning for loading chocolate
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
  • Regular water analyses


  • Drying with hot air filtered to 0.60 micron
  • Pump or fittings dried with compressed air

Technical features

  • Capacity of 24,000 m3 per hour
  • Hot water at 85ºC
  • High pressure up to 200 bar
  • 380V power supply
  • Option of connecting the electrical pump to the power supply
  • Earth connection for powder tankers
  • 5 rotary units
  • Stainless steel platform and stairs
  • Impermeable, easy to clean surfaces
  • Ideal lighting and ventilation


  • Shower and WC
  • Shower connection cleaning
  • High-pressure pipe and hose cleaning
  • Option of heating product using coil


  • Waste collection system

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